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Τηλεφωνικές παραγγελίες 694 5237126, 210 9344545, 210 9710435
Τηλεφωνικές παραγγελίες 694 5237126, 210 9344545, 210 9710435

Terms & Conditions

Agreement between the website www.balloonstockclothes.gr and its users.

Users are solely responsible for the technical equipment they have that allows them to access the website www.balloonstockclothes.gr< /a>
Users, for their registration on the website www.balloonstockclothes.gr agree that they will provide their true information that is mandatory for their entry, and if there is a change they will update their personal Profile.
Once they complete their registration, they will receive an e-mail with the details of their registration and will have access with the username they have chosen.
It is understood by users that the website www.balloonstockclothes.gr controls all content of the messages it receives from its users so as to keep high the quality and validity of the topics it publishes each time. It is therefore understood and accepted by the users that their texts will not be published with offensive, misleading, unethical, abusive or harmful content to third parties. And not only will they not be published, but the sender in question will be deleted immediately.
The website www.balloonstockclothes.gr does not publish texts, photos, videos, graphics, information and messages from its visitors aimed at advertising products and the provision of services by various entities.
The website www.balloonstockclothes.gr bears no responsibility for downloading and using (disturbing ) of e-mail addresses between users collected through user Profile pages.
The responsibility of the websitewww.balloonstockclothes.gr is limited to the texts, the editing of texts and the graphics that he himself built.
Texts, editing of texts, graphics, photos, videos, signs, logos are the intellectual property of the website www.balloonstockclothes.gr</ a> and are protected by the relevant provisions of the laws of the state.
Therefore, it is not allowed to copy, reproduce, republish, distribute the content of the website in whole or in part www.balloonstockclothes.gr</a > for commercial exploitation or public use.
Printing and transfer of texts and graphics is allowed only for private (personal) use and always with reference to the source of the website www. balloonstockclothes.gr
In the event that a user does not agree and does not comply with all the above terms of use, we ask him to stop visiting the website www .balloonstockclothes.gr and not to use the registration process.
In the event that it is proven that the products sold were of poor quality or defective, due to the proven fault of Balloon stock, our company only undertakes the obligation to replace these products at its own expense, covering the costs of returning and resending the goods , excluding any liability for compensation for further damage, for lost profits or any other type of compensation and financial liability from this cause.

It is also clarified that Balloon Stock bears no responsibility for the delay or inability to execute orders in cases of force majeure, as well as in the case of unavailability of the ordered goods, however it guarantees timely information to consumers regarding this lack.

Prices in the e-shop are in euros and include VAT, while they may subject to change without notice. Also, the prices in the e-shop may differ from the prices in stores. Balloonstock.
When you complete an order, you will receive anemail which will confirm the your purchase by mentioning your order number.
You will receive the e-mail once your order has been approved by our warehouse for product availability and once the card payment has been approved. Otherwise, please contact our company at tel. 210-9710435, 210-9344545 or send us an e-mail at info@balloonstockclothes.gr
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